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I'm a journalist living in small-town east Texas and reporting for national magazines, podcasts, and journals. I often write about tech and the future of jobs, but all sorts of things end up in the mix.

I also co-founded and run The Tyler Loop, a "small batch" digital magazine for the beautiful, complicated, evolving city of Tyler, Texas. Here's a nice writeup of the site from Harvard's NiemanLab. 

In past lives, I've been a senior editor at NPR, a data visualization specialist at Mother Jones, a reporter at alt-weeklies in Chicago and Philadelphia, and a few other fun things.

As a writer, I'm interested in everything. I've gone deep on how remote work can save the worldhow computers thinkStarbucks names, the Craigslist for gunsSilicon Valley's brogrammersIndian accents, fringe religions, 9,000-year old boneshow not to train your dog, and lots more. I've talked about my reporting on national and local radio programs, including NPR's All Things Considered and Morning Edition, and on panels at SXSW, Google, and more.

Called "one of the smartest people on Twitter" by Fast Company, I've spoken at leading web and media conferences (Newsfoo, Online News Association, National Institute of Computer-Assisted Reporting, Spark Camp, MediaRise) on diversity and inclusion, journalism in the digital age, gender in the workplace, and other issues I care about deeply.

Home base is Tyler, Texas where I live with my husband, stepson, and an imperious little terrier named Mochi. There's really good barbecue here, brick lanes and dark green forest, and a whole lot of fantastic people. Get in touch!